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13 years ago

turn off Test Visualizer not possible

Hi all,

I wanted to turn off the Test Visualizer, but it is not possible...

I changed the following settings:

  • use Test Visualizer during recording: no

  • use Test Visualizer during test run: no

I changed this in both current and default project settings. But still there are those small windows aside my keyword tests and the visualizer shown below the test steps.

How can I really turn it off?

Kind regards,


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    Hi Joachim,

    Turning Test Visualizer off doesn't remove existing Visualizer images from tests — it prevents TestComplete from capturing new images during further test recording and run sessions. You need to delete the existing images manually if you don't need them anymore. To do this, right-click in the Test Visualizer panel and in the context menu choose Select All, then Delete.