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11 years ago

Troubleshooting the Ontime export log via script extension


I'm testing the integration between Axosoft Ontime & TestComplete 9.30.

I'm trying to verify that a tester can take something from a test log, and with the click of a couple buttons generate a ticket into our Ontime system.

To accomodate this I've created a new project folder in Ontime (#1313). I've created a simple test in TC which gives me an Exception in the Test Log.

I'm selecting the exception in the log, and crom the export log via script extension selecting Post defect to OnTime.

This opens the Add Defect Info to OnTime Database (Step 1 of 2) dialog.

Here I specify the server url, the user login, password, and projectID - then I click Next.

I can't read everything that gets posted to Progress but I think it says it authenticates before it opens the next dialog (step 2 of 2).

Here on the next step I can enter Priority, Severity, Assigned To, Name, Description, and Replication Steps.

For some reason the Assigned To drop down list box returns no records (this seems odd to me, I definitely have users).

However, after filling everything else out I click Send.

I get the following error information in the Progress area:

Creating a defect report...

An error occurred while creating a defect report. The report was not created.

Access is denied.


Logged out from the server.

Does anyone know what permissions might be required? I had my DBA boost my ontime user login to SysAdmin momentarily for a test and this still failed (which leads me to believe it's not a sql server permissions problem).

I tried running a trace but haven't been able to narrow down anything sent by the TestComplete plugin (I did find one statement looking for Ontime users that are Enterprise class which returns 0 rows but am not sure if it's related or not).

Has anyone else had problems connecting to an Ontime db? We're on v13.1. 

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    Hi David,

    TestComplete integrates with Ontime via the script extension (see help on Script Extensions for more details). The corresponding file is <TestComplete 9>\Bin\Extensions\ScriptExtensions\OnTimeSupport.tcx. The file is essentially a zip archive. You may expand it look into the code in the AxoSoft_OnTime_ReportBug.js and try to modify it according to your needs.

    The UI is in the OnTimeDefectInfoForm.aqfrm file which is TestComplete's User Form and can be modified with the help of TestComplete (see User Forms help topic for more details).

    Hope this will help...
  • Hi all,

    Actually 1 other question. Does anyone know if we have control over the fields which appear on step 2 of 2? It'd be nice to update the field list to reflect our own Defect Field Template rather than go to Ontime and update the ticket after it's submitted.


  • Ok, we figured out the Ontime issue.

    It accepted the internal alias of the Ontime site, rather than the url on IIS which is what we thought it wanted. It wasn't populating the drop down Assigned To because it wasn't connecting, even though it was going to page 2.

    So it works fine now, though I'd really like to know how/if we can modify the field list on page 2 to include some of our mandatory fields from the Ontime defect field template.