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3 years ago

To integrate CBT ( Cross Browser Testing)with with Test complete and test execute.



As we part of Big Organization , we use to execute 3k to 4k Regression test cases , looking to this requirement we just wanted to know how test complete can help in execution with CBT ( to test on different Browser)


As I went through the documentation on CBT it's a cloud service if we want to execute the TC created on Test complete through Jenkin , how we can integrate ?


I found one diagram ( attached ) , but not sure about  the configuration required.


Below is the flow we want to set up 


TC ( Create test Complete ) ---> Check in into BitBucket ---> Trigger Jenkin ---> TC will execute on VM ( Agent /Test Complete/ Test Execute ) + CBT --> Report 

on above flow where will CBT need to set up or we have to take care while preparing TC in Test complete.





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