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2 years ago

The parent object was not found :NameMapping.​Sys

There were keyward work previously. But one day I change the TC14.92.596.7 x64 to TC 14.3xxxx version then back to the version TC14.92.596.7 x64 again.

the mapped object changed!! So all the keywards work not work now! Anyone meet the same issue and how to handle it?


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  • Hello Leyna - 


    Could you provide screenshots of Sys and Sys2 please?


    Thank you, 



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       hi ebarbera,


      I have recorded the same short steps and here is the screenshot for the object.

      Regards, Leyna

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        Hi Leyna - 


        I actually need to see whats on the right hand side of the NameMapping window. The reason it is now mapping under Sys2 is because one of the properties that is mapped is not the same - so you will have to look at the properties for both Sys and Sys2 to investigate what the difference is between the two. 


        Let me know if you are still having trouble.