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9 years ago

The operation cannot be performed, because the user session is disconnected.

Hi,   I have a GUI test suite which I need to run on a remote computer according to a schedule, and I came to a problem I seem to unable to circumvent.   To put it simple, the test suite performs...
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    9 years ago

    Honestly, I don't think you need a VBScript at all... Just have that generic user created with sufficient privileges on the machine, mostly with No-Screen-Saver, and connect to the machine using that account... Configure your taskschedular to run TestComplete with cmdline parameters properly, you can even launch the task manually to check it, then simply exit using the cmd I suggested... Your test will run without you being connected... you can reconnect to it and watch it without even disrupting it...  just make sure you exit properly... by redirecting the session to the console...


    Session id of your user is accessible through the task manager, User tab...


    gus wrote:

    Hi, I'm sure it helps, however I need to ask for the details. Where and how should I exit from the script with redirection? Do you mean I should replace my call to tscon with the one provided? And how can I make sure that generic user (which is our goal to implement) always runs in session 2?

     Session on which it will run depends on which you have logged in as that user...  that often depends on the amount of users accessing that PC concurrently...