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2 years ago

the 'keys' option is missing on the list of Method or Property



I do not understand why sometimes when I record a test, when I double-click on 'Operations' and the list of Methods or Properties appears, sometimes the list is not complete, it only shows 15 and the 'keys' (the one I need) is missing:


and 'keys' is missing from the list:


When I search for it, nothing comes up... why?

Sometimes I have to record everything again and then I can select the 'keys' method but not always. I need help! Many thanks in advance.

PS.: please, if you could explain in simple language, it would be much appreciated.


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  • Hi karenriviam!


    Is there a specific reason you need to use the Keys method instead of 'ClickItem'?


    Usually we see that when clicking on a field that already has text in it, so we don't need to send along any key/text, just simply click the text that is already present.


    Does your test work on playback with 'ClickItem'?

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      Hi npaisley,
      Thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay, I was away. The reason I use keys instead of ClickItem is because ClickItem only selects the first item from my dropdown menu (For example, on a DoB on day I needed to be 14 but always selected 01 Jan 2022... instead of 14 July 2012). I asked before, but didn't get a satisfactory reply on why or what to do, but scouring through old posts, I found somebody who had similar issue and used keys to resolve it. This was the only thing that made it work for me! That is why it is so annoying that keys has disappeared 😱. I am bit stuffed... thanks for your time.
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    Is it possible to provide a screenshot of your UI control (not/expanded) ? Do you know what sort of control it is, i.e. Java, Bootstrap etc ?