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6 years ago

Testing a release build



We are using TestComplete to automate the GUI testing part for our application and it works fine.

That being said, we use lots of components inheriting from TBaseVirtualTree and because it does not use any controls to displays its node, we wrote our own support scripts to access the nodes.

That works, even if we would have liked if there was built-in support in TestComplete for such a common set of classes.

However, we also discovered that we must have debug info enabled in the exe file for the methods to be found, as explained here.

This is very unfortunate because our applications are quite different in Debug and Release configuration and what we want to test is the version that gets shipped to the customer, that is, the one in Release configuration.

That being said, we do have some debug info in the release executable because the detailed MAP file gets generated during the build process and added as a resource of the exe by madExcept.

This allows our own application to find where some private methods of the RTL and VCL are located and patch them at runtime.

As a result, we are wondering if it would be possible for TestComplete to find the location of those methods using the information that is used by madExcept to create its bug reports that contain the detailed stack trace.

Alternatively, if TestComplete cannot do it, would there be a way for us to write a script, or a plugin, that would help TestComplete find those methods?



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      There used to be a way of creating wrappers for specific classes so you didn't need to do debug for the whole thing... I think that may have been deprecated but, perhaps, you can find some way of doing something similar... again, contacting support may be the best thing to try first.

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        Thanks, I have contacted support about this, I'm waiting for their answer