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9 years ago

TestExecute not navigating to webpage on Windows 10

Hi all,


I am working on making my test run on Windows 10 and Chrome. Currently it works perfectly fine with Windows 7 and Chrome.


Unfortunately TestExecute fails to navigate to webpages on Windows 10 and Chrome. 


The script is simple:



The browser-variable (ProjectSuite.Variables.usedBrowser) is used correctly as Chrome is started with the default webpage. But navigating to a different page fails like this. (I already tried different pages) Executing the script with TestComplete or with IE11 works correctly.


> Windows 7 + Chrome + TestExecute 11.11: ok

> Windows 7 + Chrome + TestComplete 11.11: ok

> Windows 10 + Chrome + TestExecute 11.11: fail

> Windows 10 + IE 11 + TestExecute 11.11: ok


Is this a known bug?


Any help welcome!


Best regards,


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    Hi Jsc,


    Can you check the Chrome version on the Win 10 machine? Is it the same as on Win 7 machine?


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      Hi Tanya,


      the version is the same: 46.0.2490.80


      I updated to 46.0.2490.86 and the problem is still there.


      Best regards,


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        I am the only one having this problem?


        Is anybody using Windows 10 + Chrome + TestExecute 11.11 and has no problem?