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6 years ago

TestExecute 14 behavior change?

We are just starting to look at upgrading our environment to TestComplete/TestExecute 14.  We use Jenkins in our environment to automate running our tests and reporting results.   I have noticed ...
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    6 years ago

    Thanks for the response Robert.  I believe it to be the plugin as well because if I run the test directly from the machine using TestExecute it does not automatically log me out.  But again as I stated, I reviewed the change notes for the plugin and did not see this noted as a change.

    With regard to modifying our logout script I briefly looked into that, and unfortunately no matter what I do, the check to see if someone is logged in is throwing an error if no one is logged in that Jenkins is catching and failing the job.  I have tried to trap and handle the error, but thus far I have been unsuccessful is stopping Jenkins from flagging the job as a failure in this situation.


    In any case, as I was typing this I received a response from SmartBear and they confirmed that the fact that the Jenkins plugin was NOT releasing the session/logging the user out after the test and that was considered a bug.  This release resolved that issue and therefore the custom logoff script is no longer required.