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6 years ago

TestExecute 14 behavior change?

We are just starting to look at upgrading our environment to TestComplete/TestExecute 14.  We use Jenkins in our environment to automate running our tests and reporting results.


I have noticed that once I upgraded one of my Jenkins nodes to TestExecute 14, the jobs on it started failing.  The test itself is executing successfully.  The part of the job that is failing is our custom logout script that runs in post build.

It appears that when TestExecute 14 has completed running a test, it is logging the interactive user session out.  Which is awesome, but I can find no documentation anywhere that says this was a change.  I have read the release notes for TestComplete/TestExecute 14 as well as the release notes for the TestComplete Jenkins plugin and can find no mention of this.


Before we start going through hundreds of Jenkins jobs and removing our custom logout script, I would like verification that this is in fact a new feature that we can rely on rather than our script.  I would also like to know if there is a switch somewhere that would allow you to toggle this behavior.  I can't think of a scenario at the moment, but there may be occassions where you do not want this to happen.



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    6 years ago

    Thanks for the response Robert.  I believe it to be the plugin as well because if I run the test directly from the machine using TestExecute it does not automatically log me out.  But again as I stated, I reviewed the change notes for the plugin and did not see this noted as a change.

    With regard to modifying our logout script I briefly looked into that, and unfortunately no matter what I do, the check to see if someone is logged in is throwing an error if no one is logged in that Jenkins is catching and failing the job.  I have tried to trap and handle the error, but thus far I have been unsuccessful is stopping Jenkins from flagging the job as a failure in this situation.


    In any case, as I was typing this I received a response from SmartBear and they confirmed that the fact that the Jenkins plugin was NOT releasing the session/logging the user out after the test and that was considered a bug.  This release resolved that issue and therefore the custom logoff script is no longer required.

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      I had already opened a case with SmartBear to ask that question that same morning.  Now I am almost a week later and the only response I received from them was on 3/11 acknowledging that they received my request and forwarded it on to the R&D team.


      So I am sitting here still waiting for an answer which I think is completely unacceptable.  We are a very fast moving group, and having to wait this long for an answer to a simple question just doesn't work.


      I have a hard time understanding why someone can't respond and say, "yes, that is expected behavior in TestExecute 14." or "No, this isn't expected behavior."


      That is all I was asking for.  Seems to me that there is a severe lack of knowledge of the product within their support team.

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        I'm expecting that the behavior change is not so much in TestExecute but in the specific plugin for TestExecute/TestComplete in Jenkins.  TestExecute command line switches (which is what the plugin uses for selection and execution) contains no controls or parameters for logging in or logging out a user session on the target machine.  That's all in Jenkins and, most likely, the Jenkins plugin.

        I would say evidence points to this being a "new behavior" in that plugin implementation.  My suggestion would be to alter your own personal script you created to detect "Am I logged in?" If that returns true, then execute your custom logout code... if that returns false, skip the code and let the task finish.