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7 years ago

TestComplete working with TFS as a source control system, checked-in test scripts are not visible

We currently encountered a problem with TestComplete working with TFS as a source control system. When a user checked-in a new keyword test to TFS, the test is not visible to other users in TestComplete (all other users have downloaded the most current version from TFS). But all users can see the new test files in the file system under the specific project from Windows Explorer. So the new code is in TFS (visible to everyone) and when a user downloads the most recent code, the new test is also downloaded to their local project folder/files. It is just not showing up in TestComplete tool for other users. Any idea what happens and how to solve it? Thanks.

  • Ok, actually, it seems you may have a couple of problems.  The two errors you recently posted appear to be a latency problem with TFS itself that it's taking too long to communicate with the server to process the check in.


    Prior to that, though...


    when you add a test case, there are actually two files that need to be checked in: the test case itself and the KeywordTests.tcKDT file.  That second file is what the project uses to "know" what test cases belong to it.  If you check in only the test case itself and not that second file, then you'll get the behavior your reported... that the test case is in the source control, but when other users open the project, they don't see it as part of the project.

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    If you look in TestComplete and right click the folder where the new test should be, can you use Add Existing to add it?

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      Yes, I tried that and it gave me an error "Unable to .......". But after that, everything seems to be ok, the test was added to TestComplete and I can check-in and check-out the test and other users are able to see it. I am just wondering will it cause any other issues down the road?