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8 years ago

TestComplete unable to click buttons/links in Edge browser

Greetings, I am currently evaluating TestComplete, and have used some script to iterate through all my browsers for a couple of tests I wrote. Chrome, FF, IE all work fine, but when it comes to Edge...
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    8 years ago



    I had the pretty similar problem and it appeared that it was caused by the fact that the Favorites bar was displayed in Edge. While this was qualified as a problem in TestComplete with the plan to correct it in the nearest future, the suggested workaround (just turn off Favorites bar in Edge) works perfectly for me.

    Just in case, quote from Support's reply:

    "The reason for the issue is the Favorites bar displayed at the top of the page. The problem will go away if you disable it: go to More | Settings, click View favorites settings and disable the Show the favorites bar option."


    Hope, the above will be applicable to your case as well.