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3 years ago

Testcomplete treats Chrome as a process instead of a browser.

Object Spy is working fine for some time but after I hover on a web page that contains a pdf preview issue occurs. 
Here's the image:


This happens after I use the 'Object Spy' feature.


it should look the same as Edge:



How to solve this issue? 


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  • Hi kelvinqa,


    I've seen this from time to time when running many Chrome windows between test sessions, or changing the User Profile in between as well. 


    A little trick I have to fully reset Chrome is to kill all the processes running from a CLI. Try running the command below and this can help to remove all the running processes and allow TC to get back control of the browser. 


    Kill all Chrome processes;

    taskkill /F /IM chrome.exe

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      Hi npaisley,

      I always kill Chrome processes every start of the test but still issue occurs.

  • Hi kelvinqa!


    This could be related to an issue with the Chrome extension being installed/setup. You can follow the document below to verify setup of the TestComplete extension for Chrome;


    If everything is setup according to the document above, I would suggest a reboot of your computer to see if TC will be able to spy inside of Chrome properly. 


    I hope this helps!

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      yes I did follow this setup. for a while I could spy the object but after some time it will turn to windows object.

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    What is the version of TC and Chrome?

    Chrome higher than 99 is not yet supported by TC 15.40.