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5 years ago

TestComplete SDK equivalent for Web


I know that you can create addons for third party controls for desktop applications using the TestComplete SDK.

Is there an equivalent for web controls. 

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    No, according to my knowledge.

    Can you describe why do you need it?

    Any control (except ActiveX/Silverlight/etc.) is rendered as html markup on web page, so I do not see any real need for the SDK here...

    If you like to create autonomous stand-alone code, you may consider to move your code from test project to the ScriptExtension.


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      Hi AlexKaras 


      I was checking TestComplete and I saw that in our angular based web app I could only get click on coordinates. We are using Angular Material UI and Kendo so for example on a mat-select I'd like to create something like webElement.Select("Value") instead 


      Anyway my trial version is over but i'd like to have th full picture in case we revisit this option