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5 years ago

TestComplete Restriction when searching html

So I am writing a function for an app and TestComplete seems completely unable to the HTML level highlighted below.

I thin its a limitation on custom tags/elements?

If I use object spy it does not even show this level in the tree.

If I use an xpath to find all 'data-testid' items or the 'linq-results-sampleview' items it does not find them.


Any help or is it just not possible? With selenium it works straight away without issue but we use TestComplete only at work.



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    This individual items might not be objects that can be discerned from the HTML but might still be found in some property of the parent.  I'm seeing that those individual items are part of a larger item that is a result list.  Can you get to that result list?  And, if so, what properties are available?  Is there something like an "Items" property or something that you can drill into as a set of ields or something.

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      Thank you for helping, tristaanogre.


      endorium were you able to solve this?