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4 years ago

TestComplete License Manager and Amazon WorkSpaces

We recently subscribed to TC-PRO-FLC TestComplete PRO Bundle - Floating License - (Includes 1 year Maintenance).  Quantity 3.   We don’t have a network in the traditional sense - no file server, no...
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    4 years ago

    AlexKaras Thanks for the response!   I did open a case/ticket.  Response from Nickolas Chastain
    Customer Care Engineer pasted below (just FYI):


    Regarding activating your licenses on Amazon WorkSpaces, I looked through our case history and there are a few instances where users were able to use the licenses on WorkSpaces without to many issues.  You should be able to activate activate the licenses and it should follow under the normal VM limitations that our licenses have. The licensing system depends on the following machine IDs not changing.

    -The VM UUID (you can't clone the machine)
    -The MAC address (don't change the network card)
    -CPU Type (don't let the VM run on a different physical host)

    If any of those are changed a "clone error" will occur and the licenses are invalidated.  If you are able to "pin" the virtual machine to a physical host we recommend that as it significantly lessens the chances of getting a cloning error.   Licenses also have to be enabled for VM use before they can be activated on one.  I double checked your account and both your TestExecute and TestComplete licenses are already enabled, meaning you shouldn't have any issue activating them.