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5 years ago

testcomplete jobselector

I need to edit the projectfile the *.mds file to enable and disable the tests I like to run, this is easy to do, but require I either fire up testComplete or edit the file manually.   Is there a si...
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    5 years ago

    During the weekend I spent some hours on this.


    You can just save a separate *.mds file for each template.

    But this does not take into account updates, so we ended up with a single *.mds file,

    then using python's built in xml parser xml.etree.ElementTree and disable everything, then turn on all test that should be on and then turn on based on a template. so in case of Errors I can easily only run that subgroup of tests and save 3hours compared to the full test.


    The only tricky part where tests that were parents but not groups, I needed to hardcode as both tests and group.


    But what I would say this is pure xml and all xml libraries can surely edit and save it without missing any content.