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5 years ago

TestComplete JIRA Script Extension

Hi everyone,


With the release of TestComplete 14.4, Smartbear has released a new JIRA script extension, so that we can use it in more ways than just the toolbar option that we see in our test logs. It can be downloaded in the Smartbear github link below, following the instructions as described in the readme file. This may be old news to alot of you by now as well.

I think this is a great step forward in creating some more elegant workflows with JIRA, which has sort of become the de facto issue tracking software for many agile organizations. 

We can see all of the methods that are available here within the docs page:

With this new script extension, this means we can elegantly and automatically create new issues, and update old ones, possibly even using event handlers to update the relevant issues with more context like the visually pleasing mht files. 


Recently though, I came across a question of whether or not we could move resolution statuses (i.e backlog, selected for development, done, etc.) based on those same type of triggers (i.e onLogError, or conditionally based on logerrorcount). After a quick google search, it seems that jira workflow statuses aren't fields that can be set; they need to be transitioned. This meant that we couldnt use our new jira script extension, and the setField or setFieldJson methods to do just that. 


Thinking a little bit further about this, it makes sense, because why have a kanban board, unless we want to visually confirm some facts about our issues and physically move them across the various stages of development. Also, we probably don't want our issues to move drastically via automation (my worst nightmare would be waking up to 40 emails from JIRA telling me that all of my issues changed resolution statuses, and later find out that these moves were mistakenly triggered via a CI framework because of a bug in a one of the systems under test)


The only way to "transition" the workflow statuses seems to be through accessing JIRA's api. There are certainly endpoints that do this for us. (along with some external libraries aka pip install jira) But as for whether or not we should be doing that? I dont know. 



----and now moving this to our tc ide

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