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2 years ago

TestComplete-Jenkins Integration using tags

Does anyone know how to configure TestComplete in Jenkins using tags as parameters?

Here is an example scenario:

FEATURE_NAME and ENV_NAME are the 2 parameter choices I've setup in the General section. This contains options (or tags) for user to select and I want this tags to be called in TestComplete. I just don't know how to setup the right syntax  to call these variable tags.

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      Thanks for the reply. However, that is not the solution I'm looking for. I have parameters set for the project and users will have the option to choose to run a build with parameters. Here's an example:

      Note that the FEATURE_NAME are set as tags. And I would like for Jenkins to use these parameters to run the project. I've tried all the options available in the Build Steps (Entire Suite, Project Test, Tags), but none of them work. It keeps on starting to the Execution Plan I've set in TestComplete.


      Note also that the script works when ran directly in TestComplete using tags via command line: (e.g. TestComplete.exe "C:\jenkins\workspace\trunk\SampleProjEBS.pjs" /project:EBS /tags:@openOrder /env1 /run)