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3 years ago

Testcomplete fail to recognize the object which is hidden behind the firefox update dialog

We have a web application. We have already automated the application . Now this automated tests is runing on daily basis. We are seeing that firefox update notification dialog start appearing . Due to which our script is trying to click the object which is hidden behind the firefox update notification dialog. But it do not find the object and there is an error - there was an attempt to perform zero sized error .


How can we ask TestComplete to click on the object which is hidden behind the Firefox Update notification dialog ?


Let me know if you have more questions.



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    If it was my test, I would change the setting on the Firefox notifications.  If you don't want the browser to update for testing purposes, then set it that way.  If you want it to update, then set it to auto update and then it will only interrupt your test every once in a while and not constantly.

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      Thanks for the updates 


      I have already changed the notification for firefox 

      Check for updates but let you choose to install them


      Still the notification dialog appear. 


      at this time I do not want to change the status to Auto Update as we have 4 machines wheere we need to take care of TestComplete/testExecute . And also I have to check whether testcomplete latest version support the updated firefox  version. Also we need to check for patch as well. After that we need to check whether firefox setting for testing web application is set or not . This will require us to go through 4 machines .  very time consuming process. Also firefox updates are coming very frequently.