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2 years ago

TestComplete and TestExecute does not support Chrome version 113

On wednesday May 3rd I reported a problem with TestComplete and TestExecute could not connect to Chrome version 113.0.5672.64


Case #00549796


Response from Support:

"As a temporary solution, we suggest using a different browser such as Firefox instead of Chrome or Edge."


As have been said by another member:

We must test with the browsers most of our customers are using. As we are a large company that has high focus on security we have to use the newest version the browsers.


SmartBear with TestComplete is still only supporting up to Chrome version 99. What is happening at SmartBear ? Customers are expecting more from a large company as SmartBear.

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  • Hey! here Pawel from SmartBear.


    The dev team on our side is already working to solve the problem. We expect the problem to be solved by the middle of next week.


    The last supported version of Chrome is version 112. As a temporary workaround, users can downgrade to Google Chrome 112 to ensure compatibility. Really appreciate your patience and sorry for inconveniences.

    Best regards,

    Pawel Mularczyk

    Product Manager for TestComplete