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13 years ago

TestComplete 8.50 Intergration with TFS 2010


We tried to connect to Team Foundation Server via Connection Wizard, but we have always encountered an error as attached.

Looks like there was some errors occurred, however, this message is nothing helpful for troubleshooting.

The Team Explorer has been installed on my machine, and I have install VS2010 on this machine, the VS2010 could connect to the TFS Server (another machine) successfully.



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  • Hi Kevin,

    Did you install Visual Studio 2010 after installing TestComplete? If you did, please reinstall TestComplete and let me know if this helps.
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    Hello David,

    Thank you very much for your help, it works now.



  • Hello,

    I am trying to integrate Test complete 8 with Visual Studio 2010 - Professional.

    When i am doing so by adding Test Complete (.vsdml) file  it shows up that it supports only in VS 2010 Premium or Ultimate Edition. But as per the blog it is written that it is even supoorted with VS 2010 Professional Edition. 

    Kindly, let me know the details on the same.


    Mitesh Shah
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    Hi Mitesh, TestComplete files don't have the .vsdml extension. Are you sure that the problem is related to TestComplete?