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15 years ago

TestComplete 3 on Windows 2003 Server


I need to use TestComplete 3 on a Windows 2003 machine. I installed it as Administrator, and I need to run it WITHOUT Administrator rights. Is that possible?? I already gave full permission on All users folder em program files/TestComplete, however he keeps complaining me that I dont have permission to run TestComplete. Any hope of sucess?



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  • I gave the user full permission to all registry keys, and I still get the same obscure message.

    But that is not a problem anymore, things now are  *A*   ***L*O*T****   worse.

    Even worse, after I tried that, my server stopped working correctly. Only administrators can login now, for all other users it may take a whole day to get see the "Start" button.

    Administrators can login, however whatever has to do with Windows Explorer takes an eternity. 5 minutes to login, (usually it should take less than 10 seconds) and 2 hours to reach the control panel/add or remove programs. I tried to uninstall TestComplete3 and now Windows tells me the Windows Installer is not acessible.

    During all that time, server CPU is 98% idle.

    Any idea for not reformatting a corporate server with several users and applications because of a innocent idea of using TestComplete???
  • Hi,

    TC 3 is an obsolete version, its development is cancelled, so, we cannot fix problems in it even if we can reproduce them. I recommend upgrading TC in your case.