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5 years ago

TestComplete 14.2 is Here!

Hi TestComplete Community members!
We're excited to share that the latest release of TestComplete is now available. If you're on active maintenance, 14.2 will be available for download in the SmartBear Portal. Just log in, and the license will be automatically generated for you.
Here's what this release includes:
•  Simplified integration with Azure DevOps pipelines, and synchronization with Azure test plans. Learn more here
Improved object recognition for faster test creation and better test maintenance. Learn more here
PDF validation and text extraction for end-to-end testing (as part of Intelligent Quality). See it in action. See all Intelligent Quality features here
Other features includeTest case tagging, support for CEF-based applications, performance improvements to speed up object recognition by 3x, improvements to logging and reporting, and support for Electron 6 and all latest browsers
• Check out the TestComplete documentation to see all of the latest updates.
Amy Huie
Marketing Specialist, TestComplete