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3 years ago

TestComplete - Running scripts on Safari 15 browser testing Macbook Pro

Hi All,


We have the requirement for automation for iOS 15 on Macbook Pro using Safari 15. Looking for input for the community how this can be done.


I looked on the cross browser testing site and it is not up to date with mac support.


All of are scripts are using code with no dependencies or object repositories.


I used the iOS iPhone TC solution before with great success. Wondering if there is anything for MacOS?











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  • if you cannot find that specified browser type on CBT,

    Then you could potentially make your own Selenium serer on a macbook running ios15 (if you have one)

    and use runremotebrowser

    def Test4():
      caps = {"browserName": "safari", 
                    "maxInstances": "1", 
                    "platform": "MAC", 
                    "platformName": "MAC", 
                    "seleniumProtocol": "WebDriver", 
                    "server:CONFIG_UUID": "df3d0a81-XXXXXXXXXXX...", 
                    "technologyPreview": "false"}
      Browsers.RemoteItem[" ", caps].Run("")
      page = Sys.Browser("*").Page("*")
      page.FindElement("//a[.='Contact us']").Click()
      page.FindElement("//input[@id=(//label[.='Your name']/@for)]").SetText("something")
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