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2 years ago

TestComplete - Migrating from the key-based licensing model to the SmartBear ID-based licensing mode

We currently run TestComplete under the old key-based licensing model, which requires the licenses reside on a physical server.  We're planning to migrate to the SmartBear ID-based licensing model, which utilizes SmartBear's license servers. My question is, can we migrate some of our TestComplete instances to the new licensing model, while temporarily keeping the other instances on the old licensing model?  This will allow us to work through potential issues, while minimizing the impact on our users.

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    I would recommend to talk tp your sales representative. I believe that there are reasonable chances that you will be granted some grace transition period.


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    Reach out to sales rep and ask for some trial licenses to work through any issues. This should allow you to verify how the process works and address any issues before converting everything. I am in the process of doing this now and waiting for the trial licenses.