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2 years ago

TestComplete - keyword tests with Dev Express Mapped objects not being recognized.

Have been using TestComplete version 15.43 and earlier to create Project Suites and Projects where the Application uses Dev Express for its UI interface. TestComplete desktop created projects worked. Now at version c64 - no Dev Express object is being recognized. Checked that the Dev Express extension is installed in TestComplete. Using Property checkpoint to see what the new Object Naming is and this has changed to "Aliases.Aquira.wndAquira.WindowsForms10Window8app013965far6ad1.rcsLayout1.WindowsForms10Windowbapp013965far6ad1", where previously it was - "Aliases.Aquira.RCSTrafficMain.zloginControl.rcsLayout1.zloginNameTextBox.TextBoxMaskBox" with the Mapped Object being  "DevExpress.XtraEditors.TextBoxMaskBox".


This was working last week, and there has been no change to the UI of the Application under test.

Looking at the release notes of TestComplete and there have been no changes that should affect this.

What should I be looking for to fix this?