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6 years ago

TestComplet support plugin 2.1 is not shown in Jenkins version 2.169

Hi All,   Recently we had to upgrade the Jenkins server to version 2.169. Earlier we were using TestComplet support plugin version 1.1. In order to support TestComplete v14, we understood that we...
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    6 years ago

    Hi All,


    Thanks for the suggestion.


    I have solved the issue and it was a minor refreshing problem with the Jenkins.


    After upgrading the Jenkins server to 2.169, the Available plugin page had showed TestComplete Support Plugin v1.1, but I expected to display the latest version 2.1


    In the same page, there was an option "Check Now", on clicking this, it reloaded the plugins page with the latest version 2.1.


    Ideally on upgrading jenkins server, the plugins page should have displayed the latest versions.


    Thanks again for the suggestions.



    Karthik K R