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13 years ago

TestComplet 9 - Export results to a CSV or Excel file


I need to export the results to a csv or excel file... anyone knows how to?

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    Hello Sandro,

    Currently, TestComplete does not allow exporting test results to csv and Excel files. We have an appropriate request in our database, and your message has increased its rating. Thank you.

    However, TestComplete allows exporting tests results to xml. As a workaround, you can export your test results to an xml file, parse the file and write information you retrieve from it to any file format you need.

    For information on how to export test results to xml, please see the "Exporting Test Results", "Exported Results Structure" and "Working with XML Files From Scripts" Help topics.

    To work with Excel, you can access it via COM. To learn how to do it, please see the "Working With Excel Files via COM" Help topic. And to work with csv files, you can use the aqFile.WriteToTextFile method.

    Please let us know if this information does not help or if you have any additional questions.

    Thank you.
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      Hi Julia


      I am currently looking to make my process of collating test results a bit easier and smoother and have stumbled across your post, this is great advice!


      I was wondering, is there any video tutorial on this process or further information you could provide?


      I'm inexperienced when it comes to working with XML files from the TestComplete log panel and Excel files via COM but it's definitely something I want to learn.


      Any further information you can provide would be very helpful!


      Thank you!


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    Hello Julia,

    thanks for anwser me.

    Now I'm just realise one easy way to do it: copying the results from the log table and  past to excel sheet.

    For the moment this way is enough for me but if in future TestComplete can export the results directly to a csv or excel file will be a great feature!