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4 years ago

TestCase failure issue on remote computer triggered via RDP

Hello Team,


While executing test cases via TestExecute on a remote computer connected through RDP we are facing TestCases are getting failed and we found that reason is that we have a Desktop application (AUT) upon launching it will switch ethernet port for about ~25Sec and makes RDP disconnection for the same amount of time,

once after the re-establishment of connection, we can see that TestExecute is executing the test case but at the end, it fails with the below error:

"The operation cannot be performed because the user session is disconnected" 


we even tried the solution which is provided in Disconnecting From Remote Desktop While Running Automated Tests webpage:


but did not help either, please suggest us on this issue.


Thanks in advance!

  • We found it was problem from application side, it has been resolved and works fine with RDP 

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    One possible solution to use:


    You could use a VNC Viewer on your local machine and a VNC Server on the Remote computer.
    VNC to remote computer, execute your TestExecute package, and the disconnect session thru VNC.


    This eliminates using RDP all together for the disconnect issue and a non-interactive UI session.


    I am using TightVNC 

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      We have interactive GUI, please help on this.

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        To disconnect from remote desktop, I use batch file. Then, in the same file, I start TestExecute via cmd. I've never had a problem with that. What exactly are you doing?