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4 years ago

Test runner exit code: -10 (Unable to create a user session)

Hi, I am getting an error in Jenkins when trying to run/build a TestComplete project. See the full build logs including the error that appears below: Started by user admin Running as SYSTEM Buildin...
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    4 years ago

    From the build config youll need to conifigure a user. 


    Add a user that will be used for the interactive session. (Credentials) 

    Whether thats a test user or your own AD user as long as its valid and has relevant permissions you should be good. 


    Try that and let me know how it works





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    3 years ago

    Ok, just reporting that I did manage to get it working.  The issue was actually a corrupted x64 installation.  Couldn't do a clean uninstall either, so had to do it manually and copy over a clean install from another server, e.g. files, folders, registry settings, etc.  But it works now.