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7 years ago

Test record processing takes so much

After stopping recording our KW tests it takes Testcomplete many time to process it. It can be only one click in an object of website.

This is slowing down our test recording and automation.

Is it normal? Does it depend on something?


My PC is a Dell with a Intel i7 processor and 8GB RAM.

There are not any other time-consuming running at the same time in my computer.

version of TC is


Please we are stuck on this, if someone can help us, would be perfect.


Thanks and BR

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    Depending upon the complexity of your application, what may be taking a while is in auto-mapping the objects that are utilized in recording.  One of the things that I've found that can speed this up is to turn off the option "use extended find where possible".


    This does NOT prevent you from using Extended Find if you want to when mapping components, it just means that TestComplete won't automatically use it.  If you turn that option off, you should see a performance improvement in mapping any and all objects and in the processing time after recording.