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2 months ago

Test Execute return an Exception

Hi All, 

since some days we are facing an issue with Test Execute (launched through azure devops pipeline).

The scenario is the following:

In an automated Test we open the browser and navigate to main page via RunBrowser command.

The error displayed is the following


It seems something in between the launch and go to page inside the RunBrowser command but there are no more info about the exception. I've also tried to use the try catch statement but still no more info on that.

After this strange exception the test goes normally on but the problem is that the execution is marked as failed because of that exception not making us understand if there is any real error during the execution.

The selected browser is Edge version 117.0.2045.60 

Test Execute version is the


Is anyone else having this issue? As anyone a solution for that?





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    I suggest you try to launch TestExecute manually from that machine, and try to run your project. TestExecute may display more information, which you should be able to diagnose.

    Has this issue occurred before? What has changed?

  • Hi, 

    I've tried but still no more information.

    I don't know if it can be, but we have the update of Microsoft Edge blocked, BUT on 4/9 new version of Edge was released and I can see that the folder EdgeCore is updated.

    (you see the today date because we work on a virtual machine that is reverted every pipeline run)

    Moreover the 123(the released one) version is not in the supported testcomplete versions.

    The strange fact is that this happens only with TestExecute, instead with TestComplete never happens.

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      You are using the latest version of TE, so that could be an issue.

      I don't know how your machine is configured, so it's difficult to provide possible solutions. Therefore, it might be best to open a TestComplete: New Support Request

      That latest  Edge version is v124.0.2478.10