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5 years ago

Test Execute Integration with Zephyr

I have an integration between Zephyr for JIRA Server and Test Complete Test Cases working thanks to this tutorial:


However, I am wondering what the integration is like with Test Execute. I do not have my pipeline in place yet, but once complete, I am hoping it would be something like this: 

1) List of test cases to execute on a daily basis associated to Zephyr test cases 

2) Creation of new test cycles in sync with test execution

3) Execute test cases in Test Execute 

4) Send results to Zephyr. 


End result is that for a series of regression test cases executed over the course of say a week, the pipeline could automatically create new Zephyr Test Cycles (and Folders) and update the execution for the test cases within. 


Is this type of integration possible? What videos, articles, demos on this functionliaty am I missing to achieve this? 

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      Unfortunatley it does not. I am still wondering how I can specify folder in a command line execution.  

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      Thanks for the link. I think what I want to clarify: 

      1) Zephyr Folders are not mentioned as a command line input

      2) These command line input do not create new Zephyr test cycles, what happens if you specify a Zephyr Test Cycle that does not exist? 

      3) If you were to create cycles beforehand using the Zephyr API (to address issues related to question 2) would you have to address the test cycle by ID (the Zephyr api documentation references that all cycles, folders, executions have unique ids) 

      4) If the command line input accepts cycle name, what happens if you have non-unique cycle names for a release version? 

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        Here is a summary of what I've been able to find using the Test Complete command line (which is similar to Test Execute): 


        1) I cannot write results to a folder. I have been trying 'ZephyrFolder:' to follow the pattern set with 'ZephyrCycle:'

        2) Referencing a test cycle that does not exist does not create a new one, in fact it does not seem to record it anywhere in Zephyr

        3) You can reference any test cycle by name, no need to use execution ID

        4) It seems to write to the most recently created test cycle. This is encouraging as I can create test cycles of the same name on an ongoing basis. 


        Executions to Folders is still an ongoing concern and if anyone has suggestions for incorporating the API calls for creating Zephyr Test Cycles into a pipeline/command line for Test Execute please let me know.