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14 years ago

Test Complete set up Configurations


We have 10 Test Complete Float Licenses with us right now.We want to share Licenses between UK and India teams.We have planned to set up license server in UK and start developing scripts from India.For this scenario How many machines are required and what are the machine configurations required?

Can we set up one license sever machine and create 10 user accounts in same machine and access the user accounts  remotely from India?If so what is System configuration required to set up 10 User accounts?


Set up 10 machines in India,connect them to Licnese server in UK thru VPN and start developing the scripts?

Which is better?Any better Solution?Please provide your Inputs



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  • Hello Madhavi,

    You need to activate your license on a physical machine which has a global IP address. After this, you will be able to install TestComplete on your India machines and specify the IP address of the license server PC so that these machines try to use the activated license. Please find more information in the Specifying License Manager for Connection help topic.