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4 years ago

Test complete not picking up Excel properties

I am currently trying to record a keyword script for the application Ms Excel. However I noticed that the path for one of my functions was missing "Msodocktop".

For example please see the paths for the other MS applications below. Notice that after it picks up the application then the form, it looks for it under "panelMsodocktop". What is the reason for testcomplete not picking this up?













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  • Hello, 


    It may be that TestComplete did not name the panel the same as it did in the other applications. I would suggest taking a look at the NameMapping for the element to see if the properties that were used to map the object are the same. Also - since they are different applications that could be another reason why they do not have identical NameMapping paths. 


    To view the NameMapping page for the object right click on the object in any keyword test and select "Show Object in NameMapping Editor" from here you can see which properties are being used to map the "panel" object.