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10 months ago

Test Complete Integration Git

I'm testing Desktop app, and i want to push project to git and after creating repo inside test complete, then i should add remote repo link but there field "Push to remote repo" is  not working, how to solve this or is there another way to push project to git? 

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      yes, field add remote repo was disabled, then i'm just pushed from cmd, next question did you integrate test complete prj with gitlab that tests desktop application?

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    I'm not using Git, I use TFS as my repository, and I always use TFS (Microsoft Visual Studio Team Explorer 2019) to check-in/out files and not the plugin for TestComplete. Mainly because I have more control using TFS, and the plugin is a bit slow.

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      the plugin is SO slow.  Do you ever have any issues checking in directly through Visual Studio? I might start doing that