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3 years ago

Test Complete Connection with database

I have been trying to connect to the Oracle SQL developer using TestComplete (version 15).

The following is the connection string that I am trying to use to connect to Oracle. For database connection, I use the following and gets connected:

Host: hostName , Sid: sidname, Port: portNuber, UserName: userName, Password: password

But I am not able to connect via TestComplete.  I have done some research and found the following example to run a store procedure, but not able to connect. 

function CreatingStoredProcedure()
var SProc;
  SProc = ADO.CreateADOStoredProc();
  SProc.ConnectionString = "Provider=SQLNCLI;Server=SERVER_NAME;" +
                 "Database=DATABASE_NAME;Uid=USER_NAME; Pwd=PASSWORD;";
  SProc.ProcedureName = "dbo.SelectFromTable";
    // Adding a return parameter


If I use the CONNECTION STRING in that format, I got "Provider not found message". I am not sure what would be my PROVIDER name (I'm a new user of Testcomplete). 


Can someone please help me to solve this problem?  What value should be given to the "Provider"?  Where is the Provider located?


It would be appreciated if you give connection string format and an example with it.  Thank you in advance.


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