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4 months ago

Team City Integration

SessionCreator.exe RunTest /UserName:ABC /password:ABC123 /ProjectPath:"E:\Projects\Prod\PRODS.mds"

So, my problem is, i have TestComplete in RDP Server: Testing, and I would like to integrate testcomplete to teamcity. Above command, I can only run in Testing Server as TestComplete is in Testing Server. But do we really need Username and PW? 

Need help!!!

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      How do I connect to an existing session? I am little confused here.

      Should I follow the below steps in Testing server or local?

      1. On your test machine, set the System properties > Remote > Remote Desktop option to:

        • In Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 – Allow remote connections to this computer.

        • In Windows 7 – Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure).

      2. Add a user account under which you will run tests on the test workstation to the Remote Desktop Users group.

      3. Make sure that the user account has a non-empty password.

      Otherwise, SessionCreator will not be able to open a session.