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4 years ago

TC player just hangs after update to win10 2004 and TC14.60

Hi I've been running win10 2004 for some time on TC 14.50, but just after I updated to TC14.60 the player started to freeze.

It doesn't stop at the same places, but the player stops and hangs forever. and the Tc processes just do nothing.


How can we debug this better?




Morten Bjoernsvik, Buypass AS, Oslo, Norway

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    Wait until testComplete returns an error? Please write what you got in the logs.


    If you are using NameMapping, see if something has changed in this topic?


    Is the process the same as in 14.50 when using the debugger?

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      That is the problem is is just a freeze, but it is only on the TC processes. It is probably waiting for some internal resources. I've cleaned up all temp-space and removed all programs not needed.

      I believe it is just more resources needed for each upgrade.