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5 years ago

tag expression with project variable does not work as explained

As described here we started using tags along with script units. It works fine as long as we define a hardcoded tag expression for the test item.


But it is also described that it should be possible to use a variable as definition for the tag expression. But whether there is a temporary or a global project variable defined containing the tag expression as String the execution posted to be successfull but nothing happens. No log line is generated.


Our idea is to use a file defining tags along with other test data to identify the content of the execution without setting up a test item for any possible script unit.


Can you please give me advice how to use variable tags (programmatically) in combination with script units like it is possible from command line.

  • Hi CleverTesting,


    The behavior you described sounds strange. I recommend that you contact our Support Team to investigate it. Can you send provide them with your project?