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3 years ago

Table data missing after closing TestComplete

Hi all,


I'm using Table Checkpoint to verify the data and I found that the data of certain tables are missing after I closed TestComplete. There are no issue for other tables but the affected are the same tables. I have checked the tc.Tbl file, the data still exist but it seems like TestComplete unable to load the tc.Tbl files properly.


Attached image shows the data before and after closing the TestComplete. Is there any clue for this issue?



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      Hi AlexKaras 


      This is the finding where I open the tc.Tbl file using Notepad++.

      Line12 is the original line, Line13 and 14 are the line that I added to do the comparison.

      It seems like the [GS] is the character that confuse TC which interpret as ?


      From here, the [GS] is mean by Group Separator in Notepad++.



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        Are those  symbols added by TestComplete itself or by some other tool/editor?

        Considering that table data are stored in an XML file it might be that these symbols break correct xml file structure and cause TestComplete to interpret data in an incorrect way.