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8 years ago

Table Column Recognition in Checkpoints in multilingual Application



I want to check the content of a Devexpress DataGrid with Table Checkpoints in our WPF-App. I created the table objects, and the Table Checkpoints worked as expexted.


Now I want to use the Same Table Checkpoints on the same Software but in another language.


This doesn't work because the columns don't exist.

It seems, that the columns are recognized by the column headers. I tried to provide x:Names to the GridColumns but they don't occur in the Table-Wizzard.


Is it possible to recognize the table columns another way, that is not affected by the localized column headers.


Thanks in advance



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    I've found something out myself:


    Let's assume the DataGrid has a collection of ViewModels of type MyModel with a Property MyNumber.


    If the property MyNumber is bound to a grid column via FieldName MyNumber occurs in the Table-Wizzard.


    If I provide a Header für the Column, let's say MeineNummer. The Table-Wizzard only shows MeineNummer.



    The Problem is that the Header is localized and therefore isn't constant in different test-runs in different languages.


    Is it possible to ignore or surpress the usage of the Header-Names and identify the columns via the property-name instead?


    Thanks in Advance