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14 years ago

Tab navigation in VC++ Application


currently we are testing a VC++ Application

in vc++ application how can we select a tab from a "CUVTabbedPane" Class. also how can we know which tab is currently showing. is there any possibility to get the currently showing tab text.


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  • Hi,

    You can find all the information you need in the "Working With Tab Controls" help topic.
  • In that specified link "working with tab controls" it is only showing the help regarding the standard windows applications.

    it does n't contain any thing regarding the VC++ applications.

    "CUVTabbedPane" is the item i need to know which tab is currently highlighted and and i want to navigate to the required tab in that window.

    can any one please specify an example rearding this.
  • Hi,

    VC++ applications are standard Windows applications. All controls in them are Win32 objects. Add your control's class to Object Mapping and try working with it in the standard way.