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2 years ago

Sys.Refresh or Testobj.Findchild with RefreshTree set to true

How long should a Sys.Refresh call take? 

How long should a TestObj.Findchild call take when RefreshTree option is True (the default value)?


I am at my wits ends dealing with SmartBear support on an issue that has been going on for 6 months. Their answer to me is that these commands may take 6 seconds EACH time.


Back story:

We have used TestComplete for over 10 years. We have countless TestObj.Findchild calls throughout our code (with RefreshTree as true). These have typically only taken a fraction of a second. They are now taking excessive time each call to the point that the TestComplete is unusable.


This issue is only occurring if the .Net plugin is enabled. If I disable it, it goes back to taking a fraction of a second. I can have tons of applications open and it always takes a fraction of a second as long as the .Net plugin is disabled.


Unfortunately, I need the .Net plugin enabled to test one part of our software.