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2 years ago

Switch off logging of events

Dear Community, I have a script that measures performance of a command by waiting for GPU usage of the process to get to zero. I have copied the function that gets me the GPU usage below.  Every Send request on the aqHttpRequest makes two entries in the log file as you can see in the picture. I suspect logging itself takes time and skews my numbers.  Is there a way to instruct TestComplete to NOT log these events?

Thanks in advance!



function getGPUUsage()
  var aqHttpRequest = aqHttp.CreateGetRequest('http://localhost:5000/getGPUUsage?pid='+Sys.Process("xyz").Id);
  var aqHttpResponse = aqHttpRequest.Send();
  if (!aqHttpResponse)
    // Read the response data
    return aqHttpResponse.Text;





  • This simple statement did the trick!


    Log.Message = false;