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4 years ago

SVN Git recommedations



I have a need to use an SVN/CVS/Git/ versioning system (none currently set up)


I was going to use tortoise SVN but found it doesn't work with TestComplete


I contacted support and a developer told me that it is not supported by TC contrary to the documentation (which he then pointed me to) he suggested used a NETWORK DRIVE



  • Must be able to integrate with Visual Studio and TestComplete
  • would prefer to stay away from GitHub as I need an internal network based repo and not cloud based


Please help me TC community, what are you all using ?

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    All components of TestComplete's test project (except script units to certain extent) must be considered as binaries that do not support merging. This is the primary rule that one must always remember and keep in mind while designing a process for any version control system to be used with TestComplete.

    The above means that the primary and probably only way that any version control system should be used with TestComplete is to provide backup functionality for test project.

    With the above in mind, network share will work equally well as any version control system.


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      The way I was hoping to use the system was NOT for the purpose of merging with other developers but for the purpose of version history and backups#


      network share will meet the requirements as far as sharing goes but not for backup and history purposes

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        for the purpose of version history and backups#

        Then any VCS should work for you I think.

        (Git might be the least reasonable option in terms of disk space consumption but this is just a side note.)

        Do you really need the selected VCS can integrate with TestComplete? Why this is required if no merging is going to be used?


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    We generally SVN in TestComplete and it worked perfectly fine for us.
    Step to setup
    1. While installing SVN tortoise enable all the option by default command line is unchecked , please check that - this is the.must option to do that
    2. Once you install using this checkbox you will see files in bin folder of SVN

    3. Open Testcomplete and select SVN client - it will pre.populate the SVN.exe from system environment variables.
    4. Restart Testcomplete to reflect the changes.

    Let me.know if you need any further help in it.