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15 years ago

Support portal examples often not in Delphi

I was browsing the Support Portal. I noted there is al lot of interesting stuff available.

I was wondering why many examples are given only in VB or JAVA script, but not in Delphi script.

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  • Hi Herman,

    It is due to the fact that these two scripting languages are the most popular languages among TestComplete's users. Moreover, JScript scripts can be executed in the C++ and C# Script projects and vice versa. That is, these scripts (the JScript, C++ and C# Script scripts) can be used without conversion by more people, meanwhile, they need to be converted if someone wants to execute them in DelphiScript projects.

    Tell me what exact scripts you are interested in, and we will create a DelphiScript version of them.
  • I asked the question ot of curiosity.

    It is not that I need a specific example translated into DelphiScript (the scripting langauage I prefer myself because I used to program in Delphi and I made my tests scripts in the past always in DelphiScript). I'm capable of translating a procedure into DelphiScript myself if needed.

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    My company is a Delphi shop so we do use DelphiScript in our automation.  As noted, if you need any specific examples, we'll be happy to give them.  Heck, it might even be me. :-)