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14 years ago

Support for Crystal Reports viewer

I have a C# 4.0 winform application that uses the Crystal Reports viewer. Is there any way to pick off report data with TestComplete 8? The TC object browser doesn't seem to expose that, and I can't find anything relevant in TC-related help.

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  • Hi Bill,

    It is possible to export a report's contents to an Excel file and read data from the file after that. You can read Excel files either using the Data-Driven Testing feature (DDT), or via OLE. Please see the Using DDT Drivers help topic for more information on using DDT.

    The following function demonstrates how to use OLE:

    function ExcelOLE()


      var OLEObj = Sys.OleObject("Excel.Application");




      var row = 3, col = 4;

      var cell_text = OLEObj.ActiveSheet.Cells(row, col).Text;



    In addition to that, you can try using the Text Recognition feature of TestComplete (see the Using Text Recognition Technology help topic for more information).

  • Thanks. How do I export the report contents as an Excel file? Do I do that in C# or in a TC script?

  • Hi Bill,

    You should be able to export the report contents using your apllication's GUI - just record and playback the needed actions with TestComplete.