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6 years ago

Stores Tables - cell shows blank when replacing text in the editor

I want to update 3 cells in a Table in the Stores collection. To edit a cell I open the Table Editor, click in the cell which highlights the text, hit delete to clear the text, then paste in the new text and hit Enter.

This works fine in two of the three cells, but for reasons I can't figure out, one of the cells shows blank after I copy the new text and hit Enter. I can click in the apparently blank cell, type, and only see the cursor move, none of the text I'm typing shows.

I'm wondering if it is a length issue because this value is much longer than the other two values that I'm editing, but I can't find documentation on this. The value that I'm deleting isn't any shorter than the new text, but it is broken up into lines, whereas the replacement value contains all the text on a single line.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

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  • I saved the blank row, ran the script, and the table checkpoint gave me the results I expected. So apparently TestComplete can see the value in the field, but I still can't.

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      Full disclosure : I have no idea, I'm just guessing before assuming its an obscure TC bug.  I would see if I can check in some way if the data type is interpreted incorrectly.  Eg the original value is a string, the new value is interpreted as an int.  Out of curiosity  does taking the string you want to add and pasting it into notepad, then pasting it from notepad into the table make any difference ?  It might be there's some formatting that TC picks up that will get stripped out when you put it into plain old notepad first ?  Or, take the original value, paste it into notepad, edit only one character - alphabet, not number - and paste back.  Does it work now ?  Same goes for just pasting out and back in the original value to see if TC displays it differently, since we can't be sure if it's the original or the new value that is actually the culprit.